Denim Hues by Vincent Ferraro Photography

Dress: H&M
Shoes: Aldo
Jean Jacket: ASOS
Bag: Calvin Klein
Watch: Marc Jacobs

Makeup by: @jafrinbeautyco
*I always do my own makeup unless specified otherwise!

Very grateful for my talented friend Jafrin to come over before this shoot and beat my face for me! She did an incredible job creating this fall look, neutral brown shades on the eyes and a bold berry lip. Her instagram handle is written above, check it out for more details on the face! This shoot was between classes for me, so I left my hair in the bun I put it in for my makeup to be done. It worked out in my favor- I loved the way it tied the look together. This ribbed dress from H&M is one of my favorites, I'm forever looking for it in every color because it's so easy and comfortable to wear. Lastly, a huge thank you for my day one photographer to come and shoot with me. He's shot for #WithinTheRaw for over a year now and creates magic every time. A lot of love for the skilled Vincent Ferraro! Check out his photography page for inquiries: @vincentferrarophotography

Pursuit by 5thphvse Photography

Shirt: H&M
Jeans: Hollister
Sunglasses: F21
Sneakers: NMD R1 Adidas (Birthday gift, thank you @mchalal!) 

Met up with Michael (@5thphvse) to do a more vintage-vibe urban street style shoot. Originally we were hoping for an overcast afternoon but playing with the sunlight and trees was a lot more fun. He is an incredibly talented photographer and awesome individual. He is part of - an amazing platform dedicated to visual artists. I had the honor of attending their magazine launch party. Click HERE to read my post on that.