On September 30th, 2016, Raw was published at its first bookstore called Posman Books located in New York City's Chelsea Market. I am beyond honored and stunned at the opportunities Raw is being given as these milestones are things I've previously only seen in my dreams. It is astonishing where hard work and genuine dedication can take a person and I cannot wait to see where it will go next.  

I published my first book, Raw, on May 10th through Amazon.com. It is a short collection of poetry written to unveil thoughts on concepts such as self-love, forgiveness, survival and cultural-identity. It took two years for me to put it together and truly holds my heart and soul. I have loved story-telling and poetry since I was young. Expressing thoughts and feelings through writing about other individuals and creating characters allows, in my opinion, a deeper understanding of the world surrounding us. It helps me process internal struggles, and reflect upon struggles I see amongst others. Publishing a book has always been an enormous aspiration of mine. It feels incredible to have accomplished it. While working on the book and studying English itself, I have admired the work of many other poets namely Warsan Shire, Shinji Moon and Nayyirah Waheed as huge sources of inspiration. Below are excerpts of poems featured in Raw. If you are interested in purchasing the book, it is available on Amazon.com.

Direct link: https://www.amazon.com/Raw-Hana-Malik/dp/1533003300

Gallery: Poems from Raw as well as Raw itself being shared through various social media platforms. A huge thank you to everyone that has shared Raw so far as these are only a few examples. I cannot thank everyone enough or express how much it means to me. To be able to share poetry and have others relate to it and be so supportive is such an incredible feeling.  Tag #RawPoetry and @withintheraw to be reposted!