Pursuit of Portraits || Magazine Launch Party

A huge thank you to everyone at Pursuit of Portraits for having me and especially my photographer Michael for inviting me! An even bigger congratulations to them all on debuting their first ever magazine- a collection of photos and series of art a group of photographers collaborated on. I apologize for the quality of photos, I only had my iPhone to rely on and because I now have a lumee case, the photos come out with a glare (not worth giving up the lumee though.) Aside from that, the event itself was so much fun I hardly remembered to take photos; because everyone attending was an artist of their own medium and it gave everyone a lot to talk about in terms of their own visions and learning about others. Everyone was super friendly and the atmosphere for the entire event was very energetic and inspiring. I brought my friend Mitson with me, and we could not get over what a great time we had. The music, location, people- everything was perfect. I'm most definitely looking forward to their next event and if you don't follow them already do so @pursuitofportraitsx


NYFW SS17 || Designers: Alice Yim, Minan Wong, Jody Bell, The New School

Held in Artbeam studios in the heart of Chelsea, this show is one of the best I've been to. The array of various designers was a smart decision because the audience had so much to take in from the exquisite feminine line Alice Yim had to offer or the classy, timeless pieces Minan Wong displayed. Jody Bell's collection was refreshing and colorful. I was so excited to also see designers from the New School display their collections as they have worked so hard to get to where they are. Below are a couple of my favorite looks from a mix of the above listed designers. 

After the show, my sister and I were walking to 14 st. to grab lunch when she recognized Jasmine Sanders, aka golden_barbie on instagram aka someone very close to the Kim Kardashian/Jenner clan! I felt so dumb for not knowing who she was but once I checked Kim's instagram I had a very long "ohhhhh" moment while my sister just looked at me like I was an idiot. Regardless, my sister walked up to her and asked for a photo, I took one as well which is in the gallery below. Jasmine was so cute and sweet and didn't mind stopping for photos. Definitely a highlight for the day.  I also met Felicia Akerstrom, her blog is www.akerstromsblog.com. She as well as her friends were also very sweet and it was fun seeing other bloggers at the shows because we forever understand one another like no one else at times. 

I didn't get to attend very many shows this season because school had just started the week before and Eid-Al-Adha, an Islamic, religious holiday also took place during the prime time for fashion week so I had gone home for the weekend to be able to spend time with friends/family. Looking forward to Feb's fashion week season! 



Attending the Michael Costello fashion show at the Lincoln Center in New York City was breathtaking. The featured collection was a variety of gowns and dresses, each more impressive than the other. A whole mixture of textures, patterns and colors - I wanted them all. With slicked-back hair and bronzed makeup, the models were polished and the emphasis of the look was well-placed on the gown. Below are photos of the event. 

Link to Michael Costello's webpage: http://www.michaelcostellocouture.com/about/

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Fashion week is my favorite season of the year. For 2014's fall season I walked in several show, the first being for four different international designers at Asian Fashion Week produced by Yanna Begelman of YaJu Events in collaboration with Vicky Victoire, HK based blogger Fashion Blog: La Mode by GV Miao - an Oriental Perspective photo of Yen Yeung and Angel Wong designers and make-up by Metamorphosis NYC. The event was featured in the November 2014's issue of the Hong Kong Edition of Marie Claire Magazine. Below are photos of the event as well as of the magazine and additional coverage. 

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This month, I had the pleasurable honor of modeling for the Saving Lives Gala in New York. The collection featured below is Ghazala Asam Black Label 2014. Asam is a truly remarkable designer with exotic and original taste. Combining inspiration from western high fashion editorials and eastern traditional looks, she has created an incredible line of versatile clothes for anyone to enjoy. Below are photos from the runway and backstage. 

Link to Ghazala Asam's Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/9219423805/

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